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Maria Eves Fine Art


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Waipu Cove, New Zealand

After sunset can be one of the most exquisite times of day to photograph the beach.

The sky has a magnificent glow, and the sand turns an inky black.

I stood in one spot for a while, watching the waves from the ocean gently glide over the sand. As each wave came in it was like it was painting the sand the colour of the sky. As the water drained away again, the sand transformed back to black.

The water created a surreal pattern on the sand where the water reflected the blue and orange hues of the sky.

This exceptional piece is suitable for any space in your home where you want to add a touch of elegance.



Fine art open editions are an excellent affordable edition to your home. Each fine art open edition is un-numbered and includes Maria's signature. Your print will arrive in up to 14 working days.


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I also offer limited edition prints that do come framed or with an acrylic face mount.