Quality That Will Last

Using the best quality printers and framers to make sure each piece out-lives you.

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  • Quality Printing

    The printing of your artwork is a very important step in the process to create the best viewing experience. This is why we partner with professional photography labs who understand the colour space, file types and paper selection. We only print on silver halide photographic paper, as it gives the best visual appearance and quality.

  • Authenticity

    Every limited edition piece of art comes with an authenticity certificate signed by me, the artist. The certificate includes the specifications of the print and the edition number. Each certificate is unique to an individual print.

  • Master Framers

    A quality frame acts as a lens in which enhances your artwork, and provides protection from the impact of the environment. I partner with professional framers around the world, who really know their stuff. I trust them to provide only the highest quality framing. With natural wood, UV protectant glass and professional assembly.

  • Acrylic Mount

    I love the look of Acrylic Mount, which is why I offer it to my customers. It is lightweight, protective and simple. Perfect for really large artworks. The artwork is mounted front-facing onto conservation clear acrylic (99% UV protection) and then backed with Perspex for a clean, contemporary look.